Maybe it’s time to accept Harry Kane is legit

He’s been called the luckiest man in soccer, a one season wonder. He’s been called slow on the ball and described as lacking football intelligence.  This was the season it was all supposed to come apart for the enthusiastic youngster. Yet as we glance at the leaderboard, he sits atop – and will likely finish the season in the top three if not the top (He is on good company among Jamie Vardy and Sergio Agüero).

Data provided by Opta


Data provided by Opta

We are big proponents of the mean reversion Nate Silver talks about in the piece about Kane being lucky, but the Englishman had another great season. While two seasons don’t define a career, when we compare his expected goals to his scoring this year (xG vs Goals below), he’s again far exceeded his xG.

That efficiency (conversing opportunities into goals) shows in his xG shot map as well – he might not look pretty doing it, but his shots from inside the box are very effective. His xG is not limited to one region any more, and he converts well.

Data provided by Opta

One thing is certain, his value this summer is going to shoot up, and the Spurs will have their hands full trying to keep him in north London. Let’s hope Mauricio makes the right call