FC Dallas is the biggest bang for the buck

On May 19, the MLS Players Union released salary information for players and teams that included base and guaranteed compensation data. As usual, a lot of conversations have happened since around the data release.

Our lab was not the exception; we’ve looked at xG creation vs compensation, goals vs compensation, age vs compensation, we even looked at Pirlo’s per mile ran rate…

Below we share our comparison between the guaranteed compensation by team and the Elo-based ratings we calculate to rank MLS teams each week.


Data provided by Opta

The double-digit differences are at FC Dallas (+18), NYCFC 9-13) and Toronto FC (-10). FC Dallas, currently second in the Power Rankings to Colorado, is the team with the lowest guaranteed compensation in the league. NYCFC is the second best paid team and sits in the 15th position while Toronto FC, with the highest compensation, sits in the 11th position.

The are a few teams with a 1, 2 and 3 position difference, but only one, LA Galaxy had a matching rank in the two categories.

Measuring value requires additional data and analysis, but this was a simple look at where these teams may stand.