Copa America : Notes – Make the days count

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1.      Day one done. A lackluster performance by the USMNT, and a win for Colombia to start.

USA 0, Colombia 2
Data provided by Opta

a.      The Sportify models rated the game, and while it’s a little harsh on Guzan, the real story was the Colombian defense. Heck, even the first goal that took the air out of the stadium in the 7th minute was scored by a center back.

b.      As we pointed out in our pre-game, the key for the US was getting possession to penetrate deep into the attacking zone – unfortunately once the Colombians opened an early lead, they kept two banks of defenders behind the ball most of the game and that kept the Americans out of the box completely:

It’s like there was a fence along that red line:

Copa America USMNT Possession
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2.      On to today’s games:

Copa America 2016 Prediction - Brazil v Ecuador
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Team - Peru v Haiti
Data provided by Opta
Copa America 2016 Prediction - Paraguay v Costa Rica
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b.      Peru and Brasil should pull off wins today, but Costa Rica v. Paraguay is too close to call. Costa Rica will miss Keylor Navas in net, which gives Paraguay an ever so slight edge. Look to see how Brasil line up with Dunga’s Selecao decimated by injury – besides the 6 players left out altogether and Neymar gone fishing for Olympic Gold, Captain Miranda who passed a fitness test to stay in the squad for the tournament, will still miss the opener against Ecuador.

Copa America Power Rankings
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3.      So where does that leave us in the power ratings?

a.      Colombia inch up to #2, and the US drops down to #11 – the next game vs. Costa Rica is a must win for them. Brasil have their toughest game of the group today – and Costa Rica v Paraguay will decide who moves to the top half of the rankings table.

Kickoff at 2.30 on Univision – can’t wait.