Copa America : Notes – seven blessings to all

It’s been a bimodal tournament. We have swung from famine to feast in terms of goals. Yesterday’s two games saw 12 goals – it took 8 games to get to 12 goals to start off the tournament.

Brazil get to be on the less painful side of a 7-1 score this time – and while not cathartic when it comes against Haiti, you can’t complain much about 7 goals.

Brazil Offense
Data provided by Opta

Circles represent shots, size of the circle is the quality of the opportunity, and color code is outcome. Brazil’s offense relied on shot volume and good finishing to get to their haul of 7 goals.

In particular, let’s look at one of those green dots on the bottom left of the image above. The freeze frame below is that first shot (click on the image below for the video – it’s the first goal of the three in the video. And watch the ad. Stop grumbling about the ad. Look at your paycheck. And watch the ad)

Coutinho Brazil

That is a shot from 28 meters out with a narrow (54 degree) angle to the goalmouth – one is sixteen of those shots go in, even for Coutinho who is one of the few who can score from that range. The problem is that there are ZERO defenders between him and the 28 meters to the goal, and the goalkeeper gets left 1-1 with the shot. If you see the other shots, you’ll see the same pattern – no defenders between the shot and goalmouth.

Haiti’s weak defense and goalkeeping made Brazil look better than they are – with Peru punching above their pre-tournament ranking weight, Brazil needs to stay focused as they have miles to go in this tournament …

Today’s game predictions for you: upsets here would be epic and would really shake up Group C. Unlikely if Mexico and Uruguay play to their ability and current form. Expect the goals to keep flowing.

Team - Mexico v Jamaica
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Team - Uruguay v Venezuela copy
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